An amazing picture done on our iPads that show some kids raising their hands in class.

All throughout the years West Ridge has had amazing classes and teachers.

Core Classes

A great sketch done by a WRMS student.Another great doodle that shows creativity and fun.
Did you know that English and History used to be combined into one class? They would write historical papers. Pretty cool, huh?


This is an important subject not only in itself, but also in every other subject. WRMS offers a Pre-AP/Honors English option for students who want or need a little extra challenge.

English / History


Did you know that Mr. Vickers used to mummify his students to teach them about ancient Egypt? This is only one of the many lessons taught by our wonderful history teachers. In 6th grade, students learn about world cultures. In 7th grade, students study Texas history, and in 8th grade they learn US history.


This course may seem self-explanatory, but it has changed a great deal since the beginning of WRMS. Our curriculum includes many math classes, and students can even take up to Geometry or Algebra 2.

Math / Science


Our science teachers have continued to amaze and inspire students throughout the years. WRMS also added an option for 8th graders to take IPC (Integrated Physics and Chemistry), where students can receive a high school elective credit.


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A preview of the Elective Over the Years timeline.

Class and Electives Interview Clips

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