Memorable Moments

The first year of NJHS students.
A photo of the NJHS members taken the first year at West Ridge.
These are some of the best MEMORIES people have of all the fun things that's HAPPENED at West ridge

Here are some memorable moments that our interviewees remember from their time at West Ridge.

Why are we the West Ridge Wildcats?

In 1987, our school was brand new, and like any other new school we had to choose our name and our mascot. The first year students voted on the name West Ridge, but there was some indecision when it came to what our mascot would be. The girls wanted us to be the Pink and Purple Unicorns, while the boys wanted to be the Green and White Wildcats. Obviously, the Wildcats won in the end, but it's still cool to know where our mascot comes from.
When we interviewed Erica Grigg, she shared her memories of the important first year decisions made at West Ridge.
In this interview with Erica Grigg, she describes what it was like the day of the commercial.

Levi Jeans Commercial 1988

Levi Jeans decided to do a commercial at West Ridge on April 21st. It was HUGE! Ainsley Nuhn and Gregg Rounds were overnight stars as they were one of the only ones lucky enough to be in the commercial, but the whole school was told to wear their Levi Jeans, and everyone was excited.
Click Here to See the Commercial!
A photo taken the first year West Ridge opened of the school spelling out WEST RIDGE on the field.
This was taken from a helicopter the first year West Ridge opened.
A photo taken on WRMS's 20th anniversary of the school spelling out West Ridge 20 years on the field.
This picture was taken in 2007 from a plane, 20 years after the opening of West Ridge.

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