From Wilderness to Wildcats:
The History of West Ridge

A birds-eye-view of West Ridge when the school first opened.
This is a birds-eye-view of West Ridge when it first opened.
This is a picture of the WRMS mascot: the Wildcat.
"Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat" - High School Musical

What is our History?

We made this slideshow to give you an idea of what our website is about, and a preview as to what you'll learn on each page. We hope you enjoy!

This is the History of West Ridge introduction slideshow.
About This Website
This website has photos, timelines, lists, descriptions, and even interview clips all about WRMS's history. Our school started in 1987 and has been a very interesting and wonderful place since then!
Home Page
The home page has general information about us and our website. There is also footage of interviews we conducted with wildcats from the past.
Student Life Page
The student life page has information about what life has been like for West Ridge students over the years. It talks about dances, lunch, what kids did for fun, and social dynamics.
Memorable Moments Page
We have had many memorable moments at WRMS, so we made a page about them! Did you know that a Levi Jeans commercial was filmed here and one of our teachers mummified his students in History class? The memorable moments page explains even more exciting memories and what past students liked about them.
Extracurriculars + Athletics Page
There have been many different extracurricular activities at West Ridge, and kids have always enjoyed them. Athletics have also always been popular, and our sports teams work hard and do well. You can look at this page to see how extracurriculars and athletics have changed over time.
Classes Page
The classes page has lots of information about what classes and electives WRMS has offered throughout its history. There are also interview clips about teachers and classes kids enjoyed.
Share Your Story Page
If you went to West Ridge as a student or teacher, you can share your story for the website! The instructions for how to do this are on the Share Your Story page.
Enjoy the website!
Interview Preview

Brad Buckman (1995 - 1998) and Alexis Jones (1994-1997)

This is a clip of the interview we conducted with Brad Buckman and Alexis Jones.

Click here for more interviews
Password for Flipgrid is HistoryofWRMS if you don't have an eanes email.
More information

We are the West Ridge Wildcats!

Our Journey

In 2018, the fabulous Mrs. Reese (our GT Teacher since West Ridge's opening) decided to look into the history of West Ridge. This turned out to be a daunting task, so she invited her 6th grade GT class of 2018 - 2019 to get involved. After divvying up the work, looking over old yearbooks, interviewing people, and doing research, they finally started to map out our history. They also showed their work in progress at the GT Exhibition in the form of a Google Website.

After a one year pause on the project, the kids were in 8th grade and the Coronavirus hit. Mrs. Reese asked if anyone would be interested in finishing what they'd started back in 6th grade. A small but mighty team said yes, and they started working on the final website for the OFFICIAL History of West Ridge.

This is a picture made by one of our fabulous artists. It illustrates how we were able to meet over zoom to create the website.

The History of West Ridge Project: The Creators

Sadie Cohen was our Executive Editor.

Sadie Cohen:
Executive Editor

Sadie created and organized the website and designed all of the components you see here.
Allison Howitt was our Director of Historical Archives.

Allison Howitt: 
Director of Historical Archives

Allison tirelessly searched through old yearbooks, scrapbooks, and interview footage to find the information relevant to the course of our history.

Carol Reese:
History of West Ridge Project Advisor

Mrs. Reese organized our team meetings and was supremely helpful throughout the process of conducting the interviews, making and revising the website, and finalizing the whole thing.
Carol Reese was our History of West Ridge Project Advisor.

Fred Benitez:
History of West Ridge Technical Advisor

Mr. Benitez has guided us since the beginning of our project, and has been a huge help with all things technical.
Fred Benitez was our History of West Ridge Technical Advisor.


Isabella Zabaneh

Bella contributed multiple pieces of art highlighted in our headers and throughout our website. She also designed our website logo.
Isabella Zabaneh was one of our artists.
Kate Townsend was one of our artists.

Kate Townsend

Kate contributed art that appears in multiple places throughout the website.

Krishna Hemkumar

Krishna attended our meetings and contributed creative ideas.
Krishna Hemkumar was one of our artists.


Connor Richardson

Connor composed all of the original music you hear in the interviews.

"Ad Honorem: Allegro in D Major" Copyright ©2020 by Connor Richardson. All Rights Reserved.
You can see all of Connor's other pieces here.If you are interested in contacting him to write a personalized piece for you, email him here.

Additional Contributors